"If you want the learn the REAL SECRETS for succeeding in this business from a REAL COMPANY teaching, the Foreclosure Cleanup Cash Program is absolutely the BEST program out there, hands down"

                                      A. Jackson, Denver, Colorado
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My title Foreclosure Cleanup Cash Program - Learn How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup / Property Preservation Company!

Regular People Are Making $500+ per day cleaning Foreclosures! 
Start a Foreclosure Cleanup or Property Preservation Company!

Banks Are Currently Foreclosing on 175,000 houses A MONTH...
They need to pay somebody to clean and fix up all of these foreclosures ... So why not YOU?!
This is the Most Comprehensive Program Online on How to PROFIT Month after Month With Your Own
Foreclosure Cleanups & Property Preservation Services Company

Completely updated for 2013 with NEW content!

Over 275 pages of First-Hand Inside Knowledge

***For your convenience, the program is available as either an immediate download   OR as a physical product shipped to you - YOU CHOOSE at checkout!***

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The Foreclosure Cleanup Cash Program Shows You:


 How to start your own Foreclosure Cleanup & Property Preservation Company in 7 days or less for under $500...

How you can turn just a handful of Foreclosure Cleanups into a real, 5-figure-a-month Cleanup Business that continues to grow - all by itself - month after month...

  How it's possible to make a profit in 3 different ways from the same foreclosed property and have the banks thank you for it...

  How to provide superior trashout and preservation services so that you dominate the competition even IF YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CLEANING OR MAINTENANCE or running a business ...

  How to get customer to chase you and fill up your service schedule (and your bank account) all week long ...

  How to market your services to the right contacts (we give you the contact information!) and much, much more!

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From the Desk of Les Tyler

Wednesday, 9:54am

For years I only cleaned houses and offices…

I even tried doing construction cleaning and model cleans.

But the problem with offering these services nowadays is that each and every customer is cutting back on services, often doing the cleaning themselves.  And the construction cleaning industry is virtually non-existent (and likely will be for years to come).

Every month I was scrambling to pay my staff and to make my own personal ends meet.  What was leftover? -- $0.

I realized that if I was going to grow my business, I had to look in different places for income. 

When I noticed the number of foreclosed properties listed for sale on just about every street in my city, a light bulb went off in my head!

I did a bit of research and discovered that there are literally hundreds of thousands of foreclosed properties per month!   In fact, in February this year, over 290,631 foreclosure filings (default notices, auction sales, notices and bank repossessions) were reported in one month!*

Yes, you read that right:

The enormity of the opportunity that lies before you: the property preservation industry is huge!  The demand for cleaning out foreclosed properties and preserving them for future sale is becoming one of the fastest growing businesses in America.



 The Foreclosure Cleanups and Property Preservation sector is a$2.1 Billion dollar-a-Year Industry!


And since historically 60% of foreclosure filings actually end up as REO properties, this means that there are


174,379 cleanups and preservations needed EVERY MONTH!


Now who do you think is going to clean out, preserve and maintain all of these homes once they become foreclosures?  (Drumroll, please…)

 … Foreclosure Cleanup and Property Preservation Services, just like yours

The fact is, there is a whole lot of money to be made by business that help to clean out, preserve and maintain foreclosed properties, especially since the number of foreclosures continues to rise each month.

And the great thing about this industry is that there is MORE than enough work to go around for EVERYONE.  So while you do have to work hard and perform quality work, you don’t have to fight tooth and nail and work for free just to get a project to work on (like all of the companies in the construction industry are doing right now).


There Has Never Been a Better Time to Start Your Own Property Preservation Company! 

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You see, these properties are almost always full of junk, trashed, filthy, in need of repairs and landscaping work. 

Someone needs to junk out, clean out and fix up these houses before they can be put on the market!

  A Foreclosure which was cleaned up by property preservationists our service got started                 

And believe, me, Banks are more than willing and happy to pay the average foreclosure cleanup & property preservation bill of $800 - $1500 (and upwards of $5,000 for repairs) for each house.


For two very important reasons:

1.  Banks can’t put the house on the market in its current condition – no buyer in their right mind would want to buy a house full of molding food, animal droppings, and the previous owners’ personal effects.

2.   Recently passed bylaws allow cities to fine banks $1000 PER DAY, PER HOUSE for unkempt foreclosed houses – run-down houses severely affect neighborhoods, encouraging theft and vandalism while driving down overall housing prices even further.  Banks would much rather pay YOU once to clean up the property rather than pay fines for each day that passes by.


Come with me as I take a look at one of the recently foreclosed houses we were asked to bid on:



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Can you see now why it makes more sense for banks to hire Foreclosure Cleanup & Property Maintenance companies rather than pay daily fines?!

And besides, it’ll feel great knowing that you helped to clean up an unsightly home in a neighborhood where families depend on presentable looking properties to keep their home values high and their children safe.

Everyone wins!

This is an Awesome Business Because


  • You don’t need an fancy degree
  • You don’t need a lot of start-up money
  • You don't need to know anything about the foreclosure industry
    You don’t even need to do the cleaning and repairing yourself



And most of all, once you get your business set up and become your own boss,

you don’t need to worry about this economy any longer!





For A Limited Time, You Can Get the ENTIRE Foreclosure Cleanup Cash Program for only $99!

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You Get the ENTIRE Foreclosure Cleanup Cash Program Valued at $542 for Only $99!


A 200+ page Comprehensive How-To Manual - $299 Value

This program is jam-packed with all of the information you’ll need to know in order to set up and run a successful Foreclosure Cleanup & Property Preservation company.  Set up as a weekly schedule, each “Day” is full of important information and exercises. (Check out everything you'll learn listed below)

Here's a Sampling of What You'll Learn in Each Section of the Manual:

Day 1 – “The Start-Up”
  • Learn about the growing need for Foreclosure Cleanup & Property Preservation firms and how you can get your piece of this $2.1 BILLION dollar a year industry
  • Find out what you can expect as a business owner for each of the three types of services you can provide
  • How to legally set up your business so that you’ll be officially “open for business” as quickly as possible (in some states you can literally go from zero to business bank account in four hours)
  • Information on how to access the direct links for all of the official forms you’ll need to fill out in each state
  • How to quickly get an EIN # and a business license
  • How to determine if you’ll need a Contractors’ License
Learn about what types of insurance are required and properly set up your policies so that you’ll be adequately covered and meet standard vendor requirements


Day 2 –_”Setting Up Shop”


  • Learn what equipment you’ll need and what supplies to purchase (we even give you a shopping list so you can stay within budget)
  • Determine how you can easily ‘staff’ your operations with independent contractors
  • Use the sample “Independent Contractor Agreement” and the “Non-Compete Agreement” forms to ensure that someone who works for you doesn’t just “learn the ropes” and then turn around and compete against you for contracts
  • How to pay the people that work for you so that you can efficiently manage your own cash flow
  • Know how to schedule properly so that you allow sufficient time for each job while maximizing your profit potential
  • Become familiar with OSHA and Safety Standards as well as the health & safety hazards associated with this industry so that you can avoid accidents and costly fines
  • Keep your staff safe with the mini-“Safety Training Topics”.  Working safely is paramount to the health of your staff and the reputation of your business (and also keeps your insurance premiums low)



Day 3 – “Foreclosure Cleanup 101 (and 202 and 303…)”



  • Learn about the actual physical junk-outs & cleanup process (more on how to land jobs in Day 6)
  • How to do Initial Inspections and how they can increase your bottom line (the “Initial Inspection Checklist” makes it easy)
  • Learn strategies for taking before & after photographs in such a way that they will be 1) acceptable, and 2) adequate for estimating.  The “Photo Checklist” is an invaluable resource for making sure you don’t miss any necessary shots
  • Understand HUD/FHA Guidelines as they pertain to junk-outs and cleanups
  • Find out how to deal with personal Property and debris removal
  • How to estimate just how much junk you’ll have to haul out
  • Learn what constitutes Household Hazardous Waste and what to do with it
  • How to handle pest-control issues
  • Discover what types of junk you are and aren’t permitted to bring to the landfill and why you absolutely need to keep your dump receipts (hint: you won’t get paid if you don't)
  • Learn about the legalities of removing abandoned vehicles and the "how-to" part of getting them off of the property
  • Learn how to estimate how long a job is going to take with the “Labor Hours Cheat Sheet” as well as make sure your staff clean in accordance with standard cleaning times
  • Understand the difference between “Broom Sweep” and “Open House Clean/White Glove Clean” and how to do each one (this will save you much time, energy and headaches!)
  • Effectively run & manage your crews without having to be at every single job
  • Learn what you should do if you get into a sticky situation (for example, irate neighbors harassing you)


Day 4 – “Property Preservation 101 (and 202, and 303…)”


  • Learn about what types of property preservation & maintenance services are typically provided (information on how much you should charge for your services can be found in Day 5)
  • Understanding HUD/FHA Guidelines as they pertain to various property preservation services
  • Accessing Properties – How to quickly & easily gain access to vacant property without damaging the property and incurring additional expenses
  • Learn the requirements for securing a property and how to comply with guidelines, including lock changes
  • Learn how much you can charge for a temporary roof repair
  • Discover how to correctly board windows and door in compliance with HUD Guidelines, including what techniques to use, what type and thickness of wood to use, etc.
  • Learn about pool securing guidelines and the different pool services you can provide
  • Understanding the process of draining a pool, including determining whether you require a city permit to drain the pool, what to do with the excess water and knowing when you need to hire a licensed pool contractor
  • Learn all about landscaping and yard maintenance, including what needs to be done on the initial cut and what is required on subsequent re-cuts.  You’ll also learn how often landscaping should be done and how to deal with oversized yards.
  • Learn about snow removal, the required frequency, the areas in which you need to remove the snow as well as what precautions you should take when doing so
  • Learn about winterization, including how to properly winterize a property, when winterization is required, when to winterize/de-winterize and HUD Guidelines for winterization
  • Learn about the pros and cons of selecting quality contractors as well as when you are legally required to do so if you aren’t properly licensed
  • Find out how to request bids from licensed contractors using the sample “Bid Request Form” and learn how many bids you should get on each job 


 Day 5 – “Show Me the Money!  How to Bid Jobs so that You Win Them”


  • Learn how the bidding system works in the property preservation industry and what makes for a winning bid
  • Learn all about HUD/FHA Guidelines as they pertain to cost structures for property preservation services and how to work within these guidelines so that you can earn the work yet stay profitable
  • See why it’s important to visit a property in order to generate a competitive
  • Make the most of your time by hiring someone to take the photos for you (using the “Photo Checklist”, of course so that no photos get missed) and learn the “quick & dirty” method of bidding properties from photos so that you can quickly turn out bids
  • Learn how to size/re-size photos and how to label them using free software or software you already have on your computer
  • Use the valuable proprietary Foreclosure Cleanup Cash Bidding Spreadsheets (included FREE!) quickly and easily with step-by-step instructions
  • Use the spreadsheets to instantly create competitive bids and professional-looking estimates that earn you work time after time again
  • Discover detailed information on how you should price foreclosure cleanups, property preservation services and property maintenance services as well as what the going rates are for contracted services so that you can stay competitive and consistently win bids

Day 6 – “Marketing: Quickly, Cheaply & Effectively Promote Your Services

  • Learn what type of marketing materials get the attention you need to become an approved vendor and earn bid opportunities
  • Learn exactly how to get in touch with the Asset Management Companies (AMCs) that subcontract out work to vendors (contact names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and websites)
  • How to get on AMCs preferred vendor list and how to manage your relationship with AMCs so that they keep sending you more and more business
  •  How to find and secure relationships with the Realtors that are given the REO listings so that you can to bid and win even more work
  •  Use our sample “Over-the-Phone Price Estimate Spreadsheet” to effectively sell your services (this is a great tool if you have someone working for you in your office – simply give them the spreadsheet as a guideline and you’re ready to sell your services!)

Day 7 – “Managing Your Business For Profits”

  • Learn how to actively manage your company so that you can consistently improve your service and profitability
  • Learn why it’s critical that you maintain a Property Audit Trail and how to do it so that you get paid for your work (and keep the work coming)
  • How to organize your daily service schedule for maximum efficiency and profitability (scheduling jobs, dispatching crews, sending/receiving work orders, etc.)
  • Find out how what accounting software is the easiest and what is the best way to keep track of your estimates, invoices and expenses so that you know exactly how much money you’re making
  • Learn how to keep good records and reduce the chances of an IRS audit (there are a few things you absolutely must do to cover yourself in this type of business)
  • How to nurture and grow your customer relationships so that the jobs keep coming to you


A 15 page Actual Real Winning Cleanup Estimate - $49 Value

This is an actual estimate for a cleanup job that we bid on and won; learn how we did it and how you can copy this strategy to start winning cleanup and preservation jobs of your own!  Step-by-step instructions, detailed pricing & photos included.

5 Different Bidding Spreadsheets - $97 Value

Excel spreadsheets make it easy and fast to calculate both trashout and preservation bids.  We also include a Winterization Checklist as an added bonus.

Forms &Templates - $97 Value

"Day 2", "Day 3" and "Day 4" supporting documents contain all the important forms you need to get you up and running right away, including:


 All government forms and/or links to forms you’ll need to start up your business (Tax forms, start-up forms, etc.)

Sample Independent Contractor Agreement & Sample Confidentiality Agreements

  Sample Non-Compete Agreements

  Incident Reporting Form

  Initial Inspection Checklist

  Before & After Photos and Photo Estimating Checklists

  Sample property inspection checklists

   And more!!!!!



     We can only offer the next 19 customers this special deal so be sure to get your copy of the INSTANT DOWNLOAD before this special expires!

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    Valuable Information from a Real Company, Sharing Real Information


    And by the way, now is the perfect time to mention that all of this knowledge in foreclosure cleanups, preservation and maintenance comes from our own first-hand experience – we currently own and operate a very thriving Property Preservation company in the southwest.


    This business is actually an offshoot of our successful commercial cleaning company that we’ve run for over a decade.  We have extensive experience in both the technical aspect of all sorts of cleaning (interior cleaning, window washing, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, concrete buffing & sealing, floor strip & waxing, etc.) as well as the operational knowledge of running a cleaning business.


    So you can rest assured knowing that we’re not just some “fly-by-night information company” that woke up one day thinking it would be a good idea to write a program on foreclosure cleanups without ever having cleaned one.


    Nope.  This is the real deal.  A real company, sharing real information.

    We’ve seen and cleaned the insides and outsides of houses so disgusting you can’t even imagine.  I’m talking weeds and brush three feet high, carpets smeared with dog poop, rotting food in the fridge, trash strewn about and squatters living in the bedroom.  And I’m not exaggerating one bit.

    It’s hard work and it’s not glamorous (by any stretch of the imagination), but it definitely profitable if you know how to market your services to the right people and manage your operations efficiently.

    We were receiving so many requests on how to start a property preservation company from other budding entrepreneurs around the country that we decided to create a simple, step-by-step program so that others could share in the opportunity presented by the current REO market


    An INSTANT DOWNLOAD Program Designed to Get Your Company Up and Running in 7 Days or Less

    The goal of this program is to teach you how to quickly and properly start up your own property preservation company, how to market your services to the right contacts in the right way and how to manage your company so that you’ll consistently turn a profit.


    At the end of the day, there is nothing more satisfying than being your own boss and, unlike an employee, knowing that there’s no limit to the income you can earn if you work hard at it.


    The 7-Day format you’ll find is this book has been set up in such a way that it breaks down the process of starting and running a company into manageable pieces.  By all means, if you’re knee-deep in Day 3 and want to keep reading throughout the night, go ahead! 



    The day-by-day instructions are simply a guideline – read and do as much or as little as you prefer (hopefully you’re leaning more towards “doing as much as you feel” because the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start making money!)

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    An Easy, Step-by-Step, Action-Oriented Program Available to Download Immediately

    As mentioned earlier, the day-by-day format is only a guideline – go ahead and read the entire program in one sitting if you like (in fact, most people do this).  The most important thing, however, is not simply reading the program, but taking action!

    We’ve all bought programs that we’ve leafed through and then put on a shelf to collect dust.  I don’t want you to do just read this program and then put it on a shelf!  Make a commitment to yourself and to your family that you’re going to give this business an honest shot.  And the only way this will happen is if you take action.


    The program is designed to be interactive in nature; a bit of a workbook, if you will


    The “GET TO WORK!” Exercise sidebars throughout each chapter provide exercises for you to work on so that you’ll get your company up and running faster. These exercises are simply gentle prods (and a sometimes much-needed virtual “kick to the behind”) to get you taking the action necessary to start making profits.


    Our intention is not to torture you or give you nightmares about being back in school (nope, there are not end-of-chapter tests here!) but rather just to get you to moving and actually starting your business.


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    Easily Transform the Information into Results

    When designing this program, another really important theme kept consistent throughout the manual is the simplicity and clarity of the information.  You’ll find easy-to-understand directions and step-by-step instructions on exactly what you need to do. 


    For example, at the end of each “Day”, you’ll have a final checklist to help keep you on track.  I encourage you to actually “check off” the tasks you’ve completed.  Not only does checking off completed tasks serve as visual reminder of what’s left to be done, but it also is encouraging to see that you’re making progress!


    Bottom line:  the demand for property preservation services is out there.  It up to you to decide whether you simply read this program (and then never do anything with it), or whether you actually follow the guidelines outlined here so you can meet this demand. 


    You are in charge of your own destiny. 

    Choose to be a do-er, not just an observer.

    To Your Success,

    Les Tyler

    P.S.:   Remember, when you order today, you get the full 200+ page Foreclosure

               Cleanup Cash Manual PLUS BONUS #1: Actual Foreclosure Cleanup Estimate,

               PLUS BONUS #2: Bidding Spreadsheet Templates, PLUS BONUS #3:

             Foreclosure Cleanup Forms & Templates!

    P.P.S.: The special price of $99 is a limited time offer only - don't miss out on this

              opportunity!  Order your copy of the Foreclosure Cleanup Cash program today!


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    Get your copy today -
    It's time YOU Cashed In on the Property Preservation Industry!


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