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"This book has greatly helped me to understand enough about the Property Cleanup business to get started right away.  It is well worth the money (better priced than most of the courses out there!), and without this program, I don't think we could have gotten started without a year of learning it the hard way.  We really have learned a lot: the book is very detailed (no fluff) and encompasses everything you need to learn in order to succeed in the property preservation business – we especially liked the BONUS example of an actual cleanup bid your company did – very helpful. Thanks Les!."

- Jeff M.

“Obtaining this program from Les Tyler was the wisest business decision I could have ever made. This step by step guide for the creation of your new business in this exploding industry leaves no stone unturned. The Foreclosure Cleanup Cash program walks you through each step needed to be taken, in logical order, and backs it up with all the documentation and resources that anyone could ask for. Tips and additional guidance flow throughout the documentation from her years of professional experience which gives you the confidence needed as your new journey begins.”

 - Dane B., Arizona. 
   Arrowhead Property Preservation, LLC, Registered Professional Land Surveyor, FAA Licensed Private Pilot

"Finally!  A program that actually tells you what kind of prices you should charge for trash outs and preservation services!  My bids look so much more professional now that I'm using the "Biding Spreadsheets" and I'm finding that my company is now taken seriously as a vendor.  Thank you so much for putting this wonderful resource together!"

Cynthia H., Nevada

Great Job, guys.  This is by far the ultimate resource on the web for starting a property preservation company.  Highly recommended"

-- Alan S., Florida

"After Reading through your program, I was really satisfied with the content. You offer so much great information, advise, realistic solutions and customer survive. I strongly encourage anyone who is looking for a real business to try your program." 
- Tim M. - San Fernando Valley, CA

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